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Channel Lineups

  - Lake Blackshear,     Warwick, Leslie,
    Plains, Vienna     Areas, Smithville
    Wiley Acres, Drayton,

Monthly Charges


Leslie, Plains, Warwick, Vienna, Smithville, Wiley Acres, Drayton, Lilly

Basic $19.95
Extended Basic $75.45
Digital** $19.95
High Def & DVR box rental $14.95
HBO $17.50
Cinemax $13.50
Showtime $14.00
STARZ* $13.50
Inside Wire Maintenance $4.00
Cable Broadband Service Starting at $41.95
available only in Smithville, Crisp & Worth County


* Must subscribe Encore to get Starz
Prices are subject to change without notice. Contact us for latest pricing and package details.
Prices do not include tax and surchages.
**Digital package requires Expanded Basic Cable.